The year to JOURNEY through rituals

Here we are, the beginning of 2019. Happy New Year to beautiful you! I love the feeling of a clean slate after the prolonged chaos of the holidays. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the holidays, but I could definitely do with way less gift giving and much less running around. I'm thinking next year somewhere tropical where the only gifts allowed are the bathing suits we buy ourselves? Who's coming with me?!

This year, I have a word for my resolution and this is JOURNEY, which I am excited to be starting in this very moment (literally, as I write this) and it is the soul center of why I began My Rituelle. For me, this is the year of discovering, experiencing, and sharing rituals from women around the world - in order to bring light in and with the hopes that together, we can grow and learn new rituals that will enhance all of our lives. I want to uncover the told and untold rituals women follow in order to find their inner happiness, to radiate love, to feel gentle in their own skin, to have passionate relationships, and to be centered and grounded when the earth rocks us. Life throws all of us ups and downs and I can't wait to discover new tools that help us navigate the present, grow from the past, and call in a beautiful future. 

I would absolutely love for you to join me on this journey. I will write new ritual discoveries weekly, have rituals available for you to try, and post about my findings along the way. And please, if you have a ritual you want to share, or have a question about a ritual to apply to your life, I would love to explore it with you. You can contact me directly at 

Sent with love and wishes for a love and adventure filled 2019!



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