5 ways to "get rooted" and balance your root chakra by MY RITUELLE

Healing meditation Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is your first energy center in your body, it is your base, your grounding force, and it is also the important source of how you feel in regards to security, safety, and even sensuality. When your root, your Muladhara in Sanskrit, is out of balance, you may feel insecure, unsure of decisions, misguided, and anxious. An imbalance of this chakra can even lead to behavior such as hoarding, which we are seeing a lot of right now in the wake off the coronavirus anxiety. The truth is, when you don't feel a sense of safety physically or emotionally, our root chakra needs attention. We want to make decisions from a place of calm and clear, instead of stressed and survival. Here are 5 simple ways to "get rooted" and to heal and balance the root chakra.

Meditate on it.

There are many inspiring guided meditations for the root chakra on insight timer, unplug meditation, and youtube. Above is one that I created specifically for the root and feeling connected and grounded. 


Wear Red.

Colors have a range of frequencies, and the color that balances the root chakra is red! If you are feeling not yourself, less secure, wear red as clothing or jewelry and you will become naturally balanced.


 Eat it.

Eating fruits or vegetables that are red in color and are also nourishing will help balance your root chakra. If you can find red carrots, beats, or other root vegetables, this is the best for this chakra. 

Rituelle: When eating, go slow, close your eyes, and really enjoy each bite. Being mindful with eating is an exercise that slows you down, gets you present, and is great for digestion!


 Get Barefoot.

Earth is the symbol for the Root Chakra, so get outside in fresh air, take off your shoes, walk in nature, and feel your mind and body transform as you get grounded.


 Soak it in a Salt Bath.

Water is healing and balancing naturally, but if you are able to take a bath in epsom salts (or if you are near an ocean, even better), do it! Salt heals through osmosis, causing a shift on the cellular level, and while scientific evidence is still lacking, professionals and individuals around the globe swear by it's relaxing properties and ability to calm all of our senses, including the root chakra. 

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