Honey Masking Ritual to Heal your Skin and Leave it Radiating

Skin Ritual

As women, I think we feel an extraordinary amount of pressure to have "perfect" skin. After all, we look at images of beautiful women around the world through the lenses of filters and photoshop and it is no wonder why we feel like our skin is just not measuring up. To make matters worse, we encounter skin issues like acne, pimples, chronic skin diseases, wrinkles, or some kind of "blemish" and with the extraordinary amount of products that are pushed onto us every day, it can be completely confusing what or who to turn to when our skin needs some healing.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a form of psoriasis, called guttate, that covered almost half of my body and deeply challenged my self-esteem and comfort within my own body. After many doctors told me that Psoriasis was an auto-immune disease without a cure, I proved them wrong by healing it through natural foods and stress management. While on this journey of healing, I met many women who were on a similar path of healing their own skin conditions and I was introduced to many modalities that I never knew were so great for our skin!

Here, I share with you my all time favorite all-natural at-home facial ritual that includes B. Powered Superfood honey and a Detox Facial Tea Steam. If you are new to the healing properties of honey, I chose the Beekeepers B. Powered because it is like a "super honey", combing all of the important features of honey, it a has the immune-supportive propolis, the Royal Jelly for brain nourishment and skin beautifying, bee pollen, and their signature honey. I also love to use the face steam before applying the honey because it opens your pores and allows the honey to work its magic. With this ritual my skin has never looked so radiant and the stories I am hearing from other women and their skin glowing is why I am so propelled to share it with you here. I hope you love it and please send me your results, you can order your Ritual Kit here, in the RITUELLE shop.



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