A Sacral Chakra Opening Ritual to Navigate This Full Moon in Sexy Scorpio

The Full Scorpio "Flower Moon" is coming this Saturday, May 18th, and I wanted to share a way to thrive in all of it's beautiful power. With this moon being in Scorpio, (known as the sexiest sign in astrology) this week is all about connecting to your authentic sexy self. Full Moons bring a lot of power and give the opportunity to release any thoughts or feelings you are suppressing, to heal them, and is an invitation to explore and express your deepest desires and wants.

To optimize this Full Moon, I have created a Sacral Chakra Balancing Ritual for you to explore. Because this Chakra aligns us with our emotional experiences, our sexuality, and creativity, this is an extra important chakra to keep open during this particular moon phase. Be aware that as you open this chakra your desires and wants may become more clear to you. This is a chance to move forward through your thoughts and explore your feelings. When you are open with yourself, great shifts occur and with the release of your negative inner voice, feelings of vulnerability may arise. Be gentle on yourself and practice self-forgiveness and self-love. A couple of tricks to open this chakra even more is to eat oranges, wear orange, or use aromatherapy to open your senses. 






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