Protect Yourself From Toxic People with this Angel Meditation Ritual

Have you ever been having the best day, filled with creativity and happiness, and  then a negative person comes around you, says something cruel, or just looks at you wrong, and all of that positivity you were carrying gets wiped away? This is a common situation because unfortunately, toxic people and their negativity surround us. These "energy suckers", as I like to call them, are within families and relationships, in the news and social media, and sadly even complete strangers have the ability to implement their toxicity onto others, ruining days.

Personally, I am tired of allowing others to have any control over the flow and mood of my day, but up until now, I have not had a guide or a tool to use to protect myself from this bad energy. Recently, while listening to my new favorite podcast Me My Relationships and I by Camilla Sacre-Dallerup, I tuned into an interview with Healer & Reiki Master Katy Sloane. In it, Katy mentions an angel meditation that only takes a couple of minutes and can be used to protect ourselves from any negative energy, person, or situation.

I reached our to Katy to get more details on this beautiful protection meditation and am happy to share it with you below!

Protect yourself from toxic people and energy with Katy Sloane's Angel Protection Meditation Ritual



Katy Sloane is a Los Angeles based Reiki Master, Angel Intuitive, Crystal healer and Artist. To learn more about her Reiki Training, to book an in person or long distance healing session, and to view her art, visit her website.

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