Release & Let Go Burn Ritual with Healer Jennifer Schaefer

I had heard of letting go "burn" ceremonies and rituals to release negative thoughts and emotions but I really had no idea how to actually perform one. I love the idea of having a ritual to go to when days are rough, or a negative thought or feeling becomes repetitive and stagnant. Researching how to learn about this ritual, I excitedly set a date with alternative healer Jennifer Schaefer to learn just how to follow one of these rituals and make it successful. Jennifer is an incredible healer who works on a cellular level, training our emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies to align so there are no blocks keeping us rom being our full selves. A Release and Let Go ritual is a practice she teaches her clients when they feel "stuck" as this is a physical practice that allows us to move stagnant thoughts and energy.

To say the least, I had an amazing healing experience with Jennifer that I am excited to share with you. With the Super Blood Woof Moon here today, where the full moon will have a lunar eclipse, this is the ultimate time for a release and let go ritual. Follow the steps below to let go of anything not serving and supporting your best self - your true self. This is a ritual that can be performed any time you need it. I hope you love it and join me in one tonight!

How to perform a Release & Let Go Ritual

Tools needed: pen, paper, matches, bowl of water

1. Close your eyes and breathe deeply

2. Write down the first thing that comes to your mind

This can be anything specific or may be a color, a symbol, or a thought. What I learned through this is that our bodies will recognize the negative block we are holding (even if we don't quite have the words to express it), so writing what comes to mind will work perfectly.

3. Hold the paper in between your hands at heart center. Take 3 deep breathes and visualize what your life looks like without this negative block. Allow lightness to fill up that space

By holding your hands in this position you are bowing your head to your heart. You are physically releasing your mind from this process, allowing your heart to lead. This can bring on a lot of emotion. That is good! Let yourself feel it and honor that you are releasing negativity and bringing in light.

5. Burn and let go!

Use matches or a lighter to burn the paper starting at a corner. Depending on how fast the paper burns, this is a reflection on how ready you are to release it. If the flame extinguishes, or is slow to burn, visualize again your life your without this negative block. Ignite the paper until all words have burned and extinguish in a bowl of water. Of course, always be careful with fire and hold the paper over the bowl of water while burning.

6. Celebrate the release

Throw your hands in the air and celebrate what you let go, it's gone!

burn and release ceremony with Jennifer Schaefer

6. Release the water back to nature

If you are outside, pour the water back into nature while saying thank you for allowing you to let go. If you are indoors, do the same while pouring it out. Taking this moment for gratitude is important, it will bring closure to the ceremony. 


You did it! I would love to hear about your experience, please comment below or email me 

To learn more about the incredible healer Jennifer Schaefer, visit her website 



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