The Art of Forgiveness Ritual

"The lack of forgiveness is the highest form of self-abuse, when you don't forgive, you abuse yourself.” ~ Michael Beckwith 

Hearing that sentence changed my life and how I view forgiveness. I do not believe that forgiveness is forcing something that feels wrong to feel right, I believe that the act of forgiveness is letting go of the space we hold for the hurtful feelings associated with a past painful event. Why do we want to let go? So we are able to create more space for all of the good, the joy, the laughter, and the happiness that life has to offer.

But...How do we this? Here is a ritual that has helped me to release, let go, and ultimately forgive. I hope you find it healing as well. 

The Art of Forgiveness Ritual

This can be done at any time, but ideal during a Full Moon 


Get yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Take deep breathes and open your mind to anything that you want to forgive and let go of. As the answers come to you, write them down. This can be a single event, a person, or many, the sky is the limit. Leave space between each one.

When you are finished making the list, go back to the top and write your feelings associated with each (angry, jealous, furious, hateful, sad, disappointed, regretful...write whatever feelings you have) and let them flow.

Once complete, begin at the top of your list and say OUT LOUD "I have felt _______ (insert the feelings listed here) over ________ (say the event, the person, the action here). I Release you and these Feelings associated with you and I set myself free".

Repeat this for each item on your list. Sometimes you have to say certain items repeatedly, say them until you truly believe your own words, and feel the openness and freedom beginning to sink in and open your heart. 

When finished and if in a safe fire-proof space, burn the paper entirely. If that is not possible, tear it up into pieces and through it away.

For more on Forgiveness and mindset rituals, check out my 10-day course on Insight timer 


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