Meditation is the greatest gift you can give yourself and it will transform your life.


Meditation is taught around the world from schools to prisons, from the special forces to children in pre-school. Why? Because the benefits are so vast and so important. Learning to give your mind a little break from the bombardment of thoughts we experience has profound effects, from stress-reduction to clarity of mind, to physical and emotional healing, to spiritual connectedness.

Before learning meditation, I was a complete skeptic (who couldn't even fathom the idea of sitting still for 5 minutes), now if I miss a day, I feel "off" and I miss it.

I teach meditation because I want everyone to have this incredible tool developed within themselves to turn to, whether it is to calm stress, to connect deeper within, to slow down, or just to have a bit of space for yourself - this is the simplest and greatest practice to learn because once you have the foundation all you need is you and you can do it anywhere at any time!


I offer Personal One-on-One Meditations (all levels) and group meditation coaching to learn meditation. Choose below. The next 10-week My Rituelle Learn to Meditate Online Course begins March 23rd.

Listen to Julie's 10-Day Course on Insight Timer and Free Meditations: Click Here