Reiki Healing Sessions & Certification

Reiki is a beautiful ancient hands-on healing method. 

That yes, can completely change your life and how you feel.

How? We all have a flow of energy within us - every living thing. When this energy is depleted, we feel tired, stressed, depressed, and diss-ease occurs. When this energy is abundant, we feel alive, creative, excited, healthy. In a Reiki session, the practitioner guides the flow of energy to give you a re-boot. The Reiki energy heals you emotionally, physically if needed, and spiritually connects you deeper. Reiki is not a "medicine", but a supplement to accelerate healing in all forms.

I am now also offering REIKI Sessions at UNPLUG Meditation in West Hollywood and Santa Monica! To book a session, please call (310)826-8899 or email Sessions are $185/60min.