Private One-on-One Meditation (30min/online)
Private One-on-One Meditation (30min/online)

Private One-on-One Meditation (30min/online)

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Private One-on-One Meditations


  • Learn to Meditate and Deepen your Current Practice
  • Release Stress and Anxiety
  • Feel more Relaxed
  • Become more Present-Moment Minded
  • Increase Calm and Clarity
  • Gain Control over Racing Thoughts
  • Heal Emotionally and Physically
  • Become Centered 
  • Discover Your Truth

Whatever the reason that you are here, my private meditation coaching sessions are 100% designed specifically for you, personally, to learn, to grow, to release and relax, and to develop and nurture a practice that you will love.

 What you will experience in each 30-minute one-on-one private meditation coaching sessions with me

  • A check-in to share with where you are at, anything going on in life emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Also, a time for you to ask questions.
  • Clear intention setting for the session and meditation.
  • A 20 minute guided meditation designed specifically and personally for you.
  • After the meditation, we will cover rituals or "tools" to continue the purpose of the session and deepen your practice throughout the week. 

Why choose private meditation?

  • To learn meditation on a personal level. I want to guide you to build your practice from the ground up or to take it to the next level
  • To gain tools for peace of mind, calm, and clarity in the setting of your choosing
  • To clear the mind to get laser-focused on upcoming life or work events
  • To practice releasing stress and anxiety
  • To heal from trauma in a private space
  • To physically heal the body  

Please email me with any questions.

For group meditations, corporate teaching, and retreats please email me your inquiry.

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