Lapis Crystal and Gold Luck Necklace

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Charge your Luck & Intuition

Lapis attracts good luck and it’s a good stone to have if you are looking to receive abundance, success, and advancement. It also brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge to those seeking clarity and inner truth.

Charm Details

The horseshoe symbolizes protection and good luck.

    • 18k gold plated
    • Genuine lapis semi-precious stone
    • 16" necklace + 2" extender
    • Designed in Los Angeles, CA
    • Charged by You Collective

Charged By You

It all starts with YOU. Crystals are natural energy holders and they emit energy by absorbing from other element. By charging the stones with your own energy, you’ll personalize your stone with your own intentions while amplifying the natural properties of the stones.


Take your necklace out into nature, under the moon or sun, or smudge it with sage to cleanse. Once complete, hold it in your hand, close your eyes, and set your intention for the specific luck that you would like this necklace to bring you.

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