About Me


Hello and welcome to RITUELLE! I would love to introduce myself and explain a bit about my journey, so that as you open your seasonal self-care ritual box you will understand the intention that went into it's creation. 

To start, my name is Julie Skon and I currently live in beautiful Topanga Canyon (Southern California) with my two amazing daughters Layla and Navah. I began a conscious and creative gifting business called Makers & Goods in 2013, which has allowed this journey of discovering incredible makers, hearing their stories, and finding products that I believe in. A year ago I decided that I wanted to take what I have learned in terms of sourcing amazing goods and combine them with something that I am incredibly passionate about - elevating self-care for women. 

Many people ask about the story behind Rituelle and this is my personal reason for creating this brand. Learning to incorporate time for self-care into my daily routine truly changed who I am. About 5 years ago, I hit a point in my life where I decided it was time to work on myself, hard! I was recently divorced, I was learning how to parent solo while also coping with loneliness when my girls were at their dad's, I owned a business that I wanted to see grow and evolve, and I had deep grieving and trauma to heal from younger years that I had pushed aside (while attempting to take on the world). Basically, I hit a breaking point...it was time to give myself the gift of self-care, so that I could heal and learn what it meant to feel centered, present, and whole. 

My journey of discovering self-care began with an incredible program called 21 days of self-love by Louis Haye. It felt strange at first, allowing myself 15 minutes a day to fill myself with love, but what happened shortly was incredible. The self-defeating thoughts that I was carrying around with me all day started disappearing, and instead, thoughts of hope and positivity and creativity began to flow. 

From that first self-love program, I became excited and intrigued to find more ways to incorporate moments in my daily life that would boost how I felt or give me a new healthy perspective. What I discovered is an entire world of inspiring products and health conscious professionals who heal, enlighten, and love. Through Rituelle, I want to share the products and rituals I have uncovered through this journey, and take you with me as we discover more, together!

If you are saying to yourself that you don't have the time for self-care, you are not alone. I have spoken with so many women recently who laugh and cry (at the same time) when we get on the subject of self-care. They honestly can't even imagine how to fit it into their lives. The thing is, as superwomen - balancing families, careers, relationships, etc..we have forgotten the importance of taking time for ourselves. Rituelle is delivered to your doorstep because of this fact. I want it to be the box that you look forward to every season, because you know you will love what is inside and you can't wait to dive into the rituals for your mind, body, skin, and heart (that don't take up much time) but that add beautiful value to your life! I want this to be a source of rich content for you, where you go to discover new ways to implement time for yourself, a way to take a mental time out, or find inspiration from women around the world and what works for them.

I would LOVE for you to say hi, introduce yourself, and tell me a ritual that you love (or need)! Drop me a note julie@myrituelle.com