Hello and welcome to RITUELLE! 

I would love to introduce myself and explain a bit about my journey, and how RITUELLE came to be.

My name is Julie Skon, I am a certified meditation teacher, reiki practitioner, ritual-loving entrepreneur. I am the creator of RITUELLE as well as a conscious gifting business, Makers & Goods, and I am a co-founder of a retreat and event venture called Modern Muze.

Many people ask about the story behind Rituelle, and this is my personal story for creating this brand. Learning to incorporate time for self-care and self-love into my daily routine truly changed who I am (and saved my life) at a time in my life when I hit burn-out and rock bottom.

From the very first self-love program that I signed up for, over 10 years ago, to now, I have developed a large collection of "tools" to tap into when feelings of stress and anxiety strike, and others to use when I just need to be centered, creative, and empowered. By working with and learning from knowledgable health professionals, thought leaders, and wellness gurus, the list of lifestyle rituals and practices we can use to heal, enlighten, and grow are endless. And here, I want to share them, with you!

Now, If you are saying to yourself that you don't have the time for self-care, you are not alone. I have spoken with so many women who laugh and cry (at the same time) when we get on the subject of self-care. They honestly can't even imagine how to fit it into their lives. The thing is, as superwomen - balancing families, careers, relationships, etc..we have forgotten the importance of taking time for ourselves. But don't worry..that is why I am here! Through RITUELLE you will discover mind + body + skin + heart rituals to shop through and incorporate into your lives, and I am also available to work with you 1 on 1 through reiki healing, meditation coaching, and online courses that include coaching. 

I would LOVE for you to say hi, introduce yourself, and tell me a ritual that you love (or need)! Drop me a note julie@myrituelle.com