Join me for free online meditations!

MEDITATING MAMA'S WEDNESDAY'S 10AM PST  - Show up on a zoom call in your robe, in your sweats, with your babies, without your babies - however you want! As a mama myself, I want to create a way to say thank you. The work we do as parents is extraordinary, it is exhausting, emotional, and incredible (all at the same time). Calls we be around 20 minutes and I will guide you through a new meditation weekly. 

Email or fill out this form to be added to the group. 

All calls will be recorded in case you have to miss a session.

MONDAY'S 9:30AM PST on INSTAGRAM LIVE @julieskon - open to all. This is a morning meditation, different each week, with a range of meditations from releasing anxiety, calming mindset, and creating a powerful week.