Seasonal RITUELLE box - 1 full year (4x a year)

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A Full Year of Rituelle!

Explore self-care rituals and discover innovative products for mindfulness, creativity, skin and body elevation, and all around wellness delivered every season! Each quarter you will receive a box carefully designed to elevate your happiness and peace of mind through innovative products combined with modern day rituals that we can fit into our daily lives. 
$199 + free shipping
You receive a discount when purchasing the annual vs quarterly subscription 
What do I get with my subscription? Each season you will receive a unique self-care box featuring 3 or more products and mindful rituals to enjoy them with. You also have the option to receive a weekly email featuring topics and tips from self-care and wellness experts and interviews with women that inspire. 
When will I be charged? You will be charged, in-full, when the order is placed. Your membership will automatically continue for the next year. You may cancel that at any time. 
When will I receive my first self-care box? Boxes are shipped March, June, September, and December. If boxes from the previous season are still in stock, you will have an option to receive that box right away when your order is placed. We will email you to confirm which box you would like to begin with.
What if I need to change information on my subscription? You will receive account log-in information when you join and you can make changes at any time. You may also email hello@myrituelle.com for customer support.