Good Morning Beautiful Aromatherapy Spritz

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Start your day off right! The Good Morning Beautiful Aromatherapy Spritz is an energizing, uplifting + indulgent blend of sweet orange, lemon and other 100% pure essential oils that will keep you feeling rejuvenated + revitalized throughout the day. 

DESCRIPTION This Aromatherapy Spritz for both men and women is created with combinations of essential oils by makers who believe in truly natural, cruelty free and non-toxic products. Happy Spritz follows these guidelines:

+ 100% natural ingredients

+ Plant based, high quality, steam distilled therapeutic grade essential oils

+100% vegan + kosher ingredients 

+ Recyclable packaging - we always package in glass, never plastic, which helps   preserve the oils + ingredients

+ Many certified organic ingredients  

- No alcohol, parabens, chemicals, synthetic preservatives, SLS, phthalates

- No artificial colors, dyes, ingredients or fillers

- Cruelty Free: No animal ingredients + no animal testing

IMPACT The Happy Spritz  mission and passion is to give back to animal rescue organizations, efforts and causes

MORNING RITUELLE Take time all for yourself with this morning spritz. Close your eyes, take at least 3 deep breathes and then spray. Tell yourself "Good Morning Beautiful" and fill yourself up with self-love!

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