Julie Skon

Remote Reiki Session - 25 minutes (global) $65

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Remote (distance) Reiki sessions are beautiful healing experiences and are as effective as in-person sessions. People use remote healing sessions to heal their minds and bodies, to prepare for medical treatment, for post-surgery healing assistance, for calm and ease with childbirth, to relieve anxiety, to comfort emotional distress, to gain mental clarity, and to relax and obtain more balance and energy.

single Reiki session $65
5 Reiki sessions $315
10 Reiki sessions $600

What you will experience in your remote reiki session:

  • Intention setting.  Before we begin, we will set an intention for your healing. Whether you are seeking mind or body healing, or just happy to de-stress and relax, reiki will work and flow where it is guided and needed. 
  • Treatment. You will receive your reiki session in a comfortable place of your choosing. During the session, I will be treating you from a distance and will guide you to relax and breath before your session begins. From there, you will relax throughout the session and I will message you when the session is complete. We will set guided music to listen to prior to the session if you prefer. 
    • Grounding Meditation - When the session is complete, I will guide you through a meditation so that you feel centered and grounded with all of this new beautiful energy flowing.