Reiki Session with Guided Chakra Cleansing Meditation - 75 minutes (local) $195

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This reiki session is an alignement and cleansing of the body and each of your chakras. Chakras are scientifically proven energy centers that lie from the crown of your head to your sacrum -  each holding specific purpose and are responsible for the overall balance of your body and your emotions. When they are not aligned, we can feel anxious, stress, off-centered, reactive, hold "diss-ease", and overall without creativity and connection. With this hands-on (or off if you prefer) non-invasive, healing experience, we will carefully align each chakra to get you back in balance and flow. 

What you will experience in your reiki session:

  • Intention setting.  Before we begin, we will set an intention for your healing. Whether you are seeking mind or body healing, or just happy to de-stress and relax, reiki will work and flow where it is guided and needed. 
  • Treatment. You will receive your reiki in a comfortable environment where you are invited to completely relax and let go.  During the session, I will place my hands on or above specific placement on your body, this will allow the healing energy to flow directly to you. You may feel sensations such as heat, tingling, cold, or nothing at all (all are completely normal) and you may fall asleep or get emotional, both also completely normal. During your session, you will be clothed with a soft blanket and either lying on your back or front on a massage table. Your privacy and comfort are always respected and your session will last 1 hour.
  • Aromatherapy - I utilize aromatherapy (lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, and more) to enhance the healing and balancing of each chakra.
  • Crystal healing - Crystals help to amplify the healing and will be placed on or around each chakra center.
  • Guided Meditation - Throughout the session, I will guide you through a meditation for each chakra - enhancing the healing and experience. 

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