Tension Release Neck/Shoulder Roll
Tension Release Neck/Shoulder Roll

Tension Release Neck/Shoulder Roll

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Between working at computers, looking at our phones, and protecting our hearts, many of us carry a hefty amount of stress tension in our shoulders and neck. These neck and shoulder rolls will help ease away the tightness while you netflix and chill- just heat it up in the microwave for 20 seconds and enjoy.

The outer cover is conveniently removable and washable, and an insert filled with flaxseeds. The roll folds into three compact sections for easy storage when not in use.

Kids love it too! The pillow is all natural and fragrance free.

100% US sourced cotton duck  

Choose from Indigo or Rainbow (multicolor) hand-dyed in Brooklyn!

Hand wash cover with mild detergent 

Weight: 2 Pounds

Size: 6" x 22"

*These products are hand-dyed and colors will vary slightly

RITUELLE with this neck/shoulder roll

Warm it up and as you relax your neck and shoulder muscles just let the tension of the day slip away.  


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